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We ordered 500 Instagram followers from “Buzzoid” to check the quality of their service in order to make an honest review about them after receiving tons of negative reviews on our blog from our readers. Our review process follows a covering review from the information received from our visitors, delivery of the service, customer support and pricing.

Buzzoid’s service offers a very slow delivery and only 440 followers out of 500 have been received to our testing Instagram profile. After waiting a few days more to check if the followers have not been fully delivered we even noticed a huge drop rate leaving us with only 374 Instagram followers out of the 500 paid. We decided to contact their customer support immediately. After waiting over 7 days before publishing this review we have not received any response from Buzzoid.

This might be one of the worst providers for somebody looking to buy Instagram followers, by using this provider you are at high risk of receiving a very low quality service, or even worse, not receiving the service that you are paying for at all. We would highly recommend to take a quick look at our top most trusted providers for your best safety.

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Very good question. According to our readers, our strict review process and information available online we would highly recommend these 3 TOP providers listed here.



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