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We ordered 1000 Instagram followers from “Instaboostgram” to check the quality of their service in order to make an honest review about them after receiving tons of Instaboostgram negative reviews from our readers. Our review process follows a covering review from the information received from our visitors, delivery of the service, customer support and pricing.

The delivery from Instaboostgram has been very slow, it took them 4 days to complete a small order of 1000 Instagram followers. Forunately, they delivered the full amount purchased, but they did not last long because after just 12 hours after receiving the full amount the drop rate was around 19% having lost around 190 followers. We decided to wait a bit more before publishing this review, we also contacted their support which replied 3 days later after sending our email.

Their customer support has been very rude, not offering a solution and ignoring all the other questions. One of the worst experience that we have faced when purchasing online. What’s worst is that after 7 days we lost over 740 followers which is over a 70% drop rate. The quality of their service is definitely is one of the worst you can find online, we would not recommend buying Instagram followers from Instaboostgram under any reason unless you want to experience a frustrating purchase.

We would highly recommend to take a quick look at our top most trusted providers instead for your best safety.

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Very good question. According to our readers, our strict review process and information available online we would highly recommend these 3 TOP providers listed here.



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