PROS and CONS when buying Instagram followers


It’ll jumpstart your account and you can start with more followers:

When you first start off your account you start with 0 followers. That is rock bottom and it is hard to start there unless you already have people willing to help you out. The more popular decision it to buy followers. Buying followers to start your account is not as uncommon as you may think. Most of the time people just don’t admit to it. Buying followers allow you to have a head start.

It will make you more reputable and people will take you more seriously:

It is not a myth that people will trust you more if you are more popular. That is also the case for Instagram. If potential followers see that you have a high amount of followers they will most likely follow you because you appear to have a popular account. In comparison, if you only have a few hundred followers people are less likely to follow you because you seem to be unpopular.

People won’t hesitate to do business with you because you look more credible:

Many people will want to do business with you because the number of followers makes you look professional (make sure your content is too). People who want to grow their accounts or businesses will contact influencers with high followings and try to buy a shout out from them.The more followers you have the more money you can make. If you only have a few followers then your more likely to miss the chance.

You will grow faster because you will look more popular:

Like mentioned before most people are bandwagoners. They want to follow the trend and fit in with society. So if they see a page with tonnes of followers they will want to join in on the fun. If you don’t have a big following then it’s harder to grow without a good start. Many people claim to have blown up on Instagram by following simple tricks, but the secret is there is no trick they actually buy followers and cover it up with some lousy excuse.

Make you more credible and will convert into more online sales:

Even though the followers you buy are fake that doesn’t mean there aren’t real people that find your page. Big influencers make lots of money by selling services to their customers. For example, since they have a big following some people will sell books on how to grow your Instagram account. People will buy that because they think that the person selling them the book is credible because they have a huge following and knows what they are talking about.

While quality pictures are nice people usually judge you by the number of followers:

While it is true that good quality posts actually help you grow your page, people will judge your page by its popularity, not because of their posts. People won’t care if they are getting bad quality posts as long as they are receiving posts from a “more respected page”. That is why it’s easier to grow with a big following and that’s why it’s harder to grow when you are just starting out.


The accounts you buy are not real people. They are only made to look real:

Accounts are made by the companies themselves and are only made to look real. They just sit there and pretend to be real. On the bright side though, these accounts are made to look real. They have followers and follow others as well. They also have a few posts to make it more real. Big companies will have them auto like your pictures and even view your stories.

These followers only give you a boost how you follow up with it is your problem:

As said before, these followers are not real people. They will only sit there and unless you buy more followers the number won’t change. So as much as a boost will help you, you have to work hard to get more followers

You can easily get scammed, make sure to cross-reference and if it is too good to be true then it probably is:

A lot of these companies that sell these services are fake and scams. They are only in it for the money so it’s hard to find good services. That is why you should check the reviews on to see which companies offer the best service. If you come across a site that is a scam be sure to let people in the community know.